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Knowledge and experience have made us experts in this field.

Oxford Export Services Limited have over thirty years’ experience supplying raw materials, manufacturing equipment, replacement parts and consumables for global export, predominantly within the automotive battery industry. 

Manufacturing and freight customers are located in over one hundred countries worldwide and our dedicated team offer real value in supporting the commercial supply and logistics chains of both the vendors and customers that we serve.

As the world’s energy consumption continues to rise, so does the demand for increasingly dynamic storage solutions. The pace of climate change means that new battery technology is being developed that employs more environmentally friendly materials, challenging previous technology and reinforcing the strengths of existing rechargeable lead-based battery storage. Oxford Export Services Limited are committed to delivering dependable power storage and supply products, offering timely delivery, efficient technical service and quick response to meet the needs of our manufacturers, distributors, end users and freight forwarding customers.

We will always focus on flexible manufacturing technologies and the continual improvement of our process to satisfy the varied requirements of all our customers.

When it comes to export, you can rely on us to deliver.

Our Core Values: Quality, Integrity, Passion, Teamwork and Improvement.

Quality: What we do, we do well.
True to ourselves and our customers.
Accepting no excuses and making things happen.
Empowering everyone in problem solving.
Reviewing and improving the way we work, continuously.

Where we operate

We’re a partner to lead-acid battery manufacturers around the world whose batteries play a critical role in powering and protecting the biggest brands in the transportation, commercial and industrial sectors.

Business is about making money, but that’s not all. Partnerships bring stability in business, efficiency in transaction, increase our mutual industry understanding and bring some level of peace in doing business. Much like our 20 year relationship with UK company, Oxford Exports, we try to develop partners who value these long and sustainable relations to take the business forward.

Faraaz Rahim, Head of Business Development,
Rahimafrooz Group, Bangladesh

After more than 20 years of successful partnership, we are pleased to recommend Oxford Export Services Limited as a key distributor on behalf of Daramic. Oxford Export Services Limited has a deep understanding of the battery separator industry and will know how to assist you in your business. We consider Oxford as our partner of choice.

François Duga, Sales Director,

Industrias Meteoro and Oxford Export have had a long-standing relationship which goes back as far as 1992. Nothing that we have ever requested of them to support our business is too much or too inconvenient. This dedication to customer service and understanding of our requirements make delivery of the plant’s battery materials a smooth and seamless exercise every time. This cooperation has better enabled us to dedicate resources to developing internal battery manufacture and we see them as a natural extension of our procurement team.

Ing.Jose-Antonio Rodriguez, CEO,
Industrias Meteoro, Dominican Republic

ABM and Oxford have been in business for many years. Key to Oxford Export’s success has been the ability to establish strong relationships with their business clients which extend well beyond traditional partnerships. They constantly strive to understand our needs and exceed them in service delivery, product quality and availability.

Guy Jack, Managing Director,
Associated Battery Manufacturers, Kenya

Oxford Export’s distribution on behalf of ITW is founded upon enduring client relationships. These reflect a sound technical knowledge of ITW’s products and the benefits they bring to automotive battery manufacture. As a strategic distributor, their commitment to customer service make them a great supply partner in delivering our products to export markets. 

Bruce Ward, Production Manager
ITW Delpro/ITW Motion

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Fighting the battle against Covid-19

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