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Oxford Export Services Limited are a major distributor of stored energy products to the UK and international markets. But unlike a battery wholesaler simply buying and moving units, we actively involve ourselves within the manufacturing processes of the factories whose batteries we deliver to market. The strength of these relationships goes beyond the raw materials and components supplied. It is as much a trust and shared outlook between partners.

We can supply high quality batteries for every automotive type as well as deep cycle, marine and electric vehicle batteries. In addition, our battery contacts extend to offering less standardised types for specialist application.


Oxford Export Services are established metal suppliers to the automotive battery industry, with over 30 years’ experience procuring a diverse range of metals and alloys across international markets.

We provide manufacturing customer base with a trusted and timely supply of non-ferrous metals, alloys and minor metals. With the steady growth of electric vehicles to mainstream transport, Oxford Export Services continue to diversify our metals portfolio in line with the battery market’s demand for lithium, nickel and cobalt within lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries.

Aluminium (Al) 99.70% min: Ingots, quadrant, granules
Copper (Cu) 99.80 % min: Cathodes, granules, electro, wire, tape and busbar
Lead (Pb) 99.99% min, 99.98% min, 99.97% min: Ingots
Nickel (Ni) 99.80% min: Uncut cathodes/briquettes, full plate, cut plate, shot
Tin (Sn) 99.85% to 99.99% min: LME registered ingots
Zinc (Zn) HG 99.95% min: Ingots, balls
Antimony (Sb) 99.65% min: Ingots
Arsenic (As) 99% min: Lumps
Bismuth (Bi) 99.99% min: Pellets, ingots
Cadmium (Cd) 99.99% min: Ingots, sticks
Cobalt (Co) 99.25% to 99.98% min: Ingots, cathodes, granules/fine flakes
Magnesium (Mg) 99.8% min: Ingots
Manganese (Mn) 99.7% min: Flakes
Selenium (Se) 99.5% min: Powder, granules
Tantalum (Ta) 99.8% min: Bars
Tellurium (Te) 99% min: Ingots, sticks, powder

Polyethylene Separator

We represent industry leader, Daramic, in supplying polyethylene separator material across designated regions including the Middle East, East Africa and Central America. For over 85 years, Daramic has remained at the forefront in developing new and innovative technology for the lead acid battery market. With headquarters in North Carolina, USA and a global production spanning 10 different manufacturing facilities —Daramic supplies high performance polyethylene and phenolic resin battery separators to the lead acid battery industry. A variety of sizes and profile designs are available for starting, deep cycle, standby power and EFB battery applications. Daramic’s commitment to delivering unsurpassed expertise in advanced separator technology is unrivalled. We are proud to work with a supplier whose state-of-the-art product development, material analysis and testing facilities enable our customers to improve the quality of their batteries exponentially.


Our automotive battery customers demand battery plates of superior capacity and longevity. Oxford Export Services are the supply partner of choice in procuring pre-blended negative expander made to specification or individual additives (carbon black, polyester fibre, barium sulphate and lignosulfonates).

We also trade in chemicals to a number of other major industries, recognising the importance of freight, duty and lead time.

Automotive Components

In an industry first, we offer UK manufactured moulds compatible with any major manufacturer’s COS machines. Power Flow Technology ensures unsurpassed strap thickness, casting consistency and fusion quality.

  • Lead alloy savings
  • Enhanced fusion
  • Consistent strap building
  • Fast lead times

Our UK quality range also includes the following:-

Mould trolley

Maintenance trolley

Mould post inserts

Mould water cooled post inserts

Mould blocks

Mould feed pipes

Mould strap dams

Mould ejection pins

Mould cross block

Rotary lead pumps

Lead pots


Boxing frames

Compression frames

Jig boxes

Lid seal tooling mirrors/platens

Polypropylene and hard rubber battery container sets are meanwhile supplied from established global suppliers according to size, type and customer location. Key representations for pasting paper and magic eye indicators enable us to support all aspects of the lead acid battery.

We are also in the business of grading and supplying high quality used truck tyre casings for retreading.

A retreaded tyre saves 80% of the materials required to manufacture a new tyre, significantly reducing the impact on the environment. Our retreading customers are able to save 68 litres of oil and 44kg of rubber compound on every casing retreaded. The retreading process also reduces scrapping, exportation and incineration of worn-out tyres which, over the course of a year, can release approximately 160,000 tonnes of CO2 into the air.

Grade A truck and commercial tyre sizes are available in all major Western European (Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin) and Japanese brands (Bridgestone, Yokohama and Toyo).

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Consolidating product

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Fighting the battle against Covid-19